Tips on Oriental Rug Repair

Tips on Oriental Rug Repair

Oriental Rug Repair enhances the value & appeal of your oriental rug, thereby improving its appearance. When you work with high-quality oriental rug repair experts, all loose threads split fibers, and tiny cracks can be easily restored. You will also benefit from superior oriental rug quality, including heavy knot strength, durability, and fire and termite resistance. You may even find that you are offered a discount on your rug! In most cases, this type of repair will restore your Oriental rug to its original condition and make it suitable for use as new.oriental rug repair

To begin your oriental rug repair project, gather together your materials and accessories. Your primary resources include an instruction manual and a quality carpet cleaner. It is possible to purchase a generic “cheap” carpet cleaner, but nothing compares to the specialized expertise that comes with quality cleaners designed to clean carpets and rugs with a much higher level of technology. Be sure to thoroughly read and follow the instructions in your owner’s manual. It is also important to work in a methodical fashion, beginning by running a full side-by-side test on both sides of your carpet, then proceeding to the center. If one side of your carpet appears dirtier than the other, go with the cleaning direction that is closer to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

The quality of your rug is determined by the material it is made of, the quality of its weaving, and any imperfections in the pile or design. A properly maintained oriental rug will display natural color, but over time will develop flaws if proper care is not taken. These faults are often the result of improper wool selection, poorly manufactured piles, and rugs with too many knots. Although expensive, high-quality wool area rugs and carpets are the most desirable form of oriental rug repair, they can also be the most expensive and complicated to find and properly care for. There are some simple tips and tricks for selecting and maintain an expensive oriental rug, but with the wealth of information available today, even the most diligent rug buyer will still have difficulty locating an expensive piece of Oriental furniture.

An inexpensive method for rug cleaning is called hole repair. If a hole is cut into a carpet, using a ruler, it can be traced to the exact location of the cut and the surrounding backing. A rug cleaning chemical is then applied and slowly pressed into the area, using a solvent like wool clean or an alcohol-based cleaner. Sometimes a hole repair is done by injecting a substance directly into the cut, but this is not recommended for all carpets. The presence of an absorbent compound in the hole will help to keep a stain from spreading into the backing while the compound cures, and this is the preferred method for holes smaller than eight inches.

Oriental carpet repairs are best left to a specialist who has experience in Oriental rugs, rug cleaning equipment, and the chemicals necessary to perform the repairs. If a small repair cannot be accomplished by a homeowner, the owner should take it to a rug restoration expert, or at least a store that sells Oriental rugs. Smaller holes can be easily repaired, especially if the repair is part of a larger restoration process. These professionals can also restore more extensive stains and fabrics.

Smaller holes can be filled using a cotton bud soaked in the acrylic solution, but larger holes will require the expertise of a professional. Before patching up a hole or filling a hole, a professional should be consulted. Piles of dust, soil, and grime must be removed from the area to prepare it for repair services. It can be difficult to determine if the material needs restoration or patching, and there can be a risk of a permanent chemical stain if the pile is not completely cleaned before patching. After the pile has been cleaned, the owner should decide if he wishes to hire an Oriental rug repair service or perform the repair himself.