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Riversiade Rug Repair

we provide the best antique Persian rug repair in Riverside County.rugs need repair every 5 years or when it needed we travel to evaluate the condition of the rug at your riverside county to see if the repair is cost effective .then based on labor needed.

Los angeles Rug Repair

Los Angeles has the best antique Persian rug and they definitely needed to be cared and repair. our extensive background in the field of museum rug repair tapestry repair kilim Navajo rug is one of a kind .rug design has in house expert repair man to repair rugs

San Diego Rug Repair

the best antique Persian rugs, oriental vintage rugs repair in San Diego are under our direct care and service and supervision for decades.rug design gallery has old wool, old vegetable dye in inventory to use for old antique make them look like original quality.

Orange County Rug Repair

the best antique Persian rugs are in extensive use in Orange County due to antique rugs high price and durability and quality rug design gallery has 40 years of experience in high quality repair restoration cleaning appraisals in house with expert masters and finest quality.

Fringe repair

fringe repair is needed when wear and tear get to your old and Persian and oriental rugs.we repair all your fringes repairs if fringes are coming apart

Fringe implementation

fringe repair on expensive and oriental and Persian rugs need to be done in original way as ti implant the fringes and make original fringes make look real

Fringe sewing

cost effective way to repair fringes are sewing another pre made fringes on top of fringes and to fix the rugs end when they are worn out and damaged

Binding repair by hand

rugs are damaged by use and worn out on the edges and we do bind the edges of rugs which has binding damages by wool and by hand,perfect them to origin

Binding by machine

cost effective way to bind a piece of rug or carpet to prevent from coming apart and for elegance is to bind by machine binding could be done in colors

Pattern damages repair

rugs get worn damaged by time in pattern.we implant wool and dye the damaged part by original dye and wool to give a new life and new look.

Pattern moth damages repair

moth damage is very popular on rugs stored or used we fill in the damaged area by original wool and fix the rug to look and feel as original Persian rug

Pattern dye damages repair

rugs worn out or dye erased by wear and tear we do repair and by using original and authentic dye we fix pattern damages and bring value back

Color bleeding repair

in a flood or spill water or liquids colors runs in rugs we do repair and restore the bleed colors on rugs and dye and make them look beautiful and original

Stain removal process

stain on rugs happens during use and time.we have unique technique to remove all stains of any kinds on the rugs and dye them if necessary

Dog stain repair

your loved dogs sometime they don't behave and have an accident but no worries we do remove all the dogs stains regardless of age and number of them

Cigarette hole repair

if there is a burnt spot on your precious Persian oriental hand knotted rugs no worries.we insert wool to foundation of the rug to give perfect appearance

Mold rug repair

molded rugs are big problem for expensive Persian rugs and flooded rugs and used rugs.we will wash and treat all your rugs for mold and fix them

Flood damages repair

flood always make its mark on Persian oriental rugs and makes the colors look blare and fuggy fuzzy so we do bring the sharpness of the colors back to rug

Wine Stain repair

did you spill the wine on your beautiful antique rug,vintage rug,silk rug ,brand new rug ? no worries we fix all stains remove spots and redye your rug

Rug frame damages repair

rugs worn out from edges either fringes or bindings so we do frame the rugs by re framing and re fringing and rebinding them to make them look original perfect

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