Expert Rug Appraisal

rug appraisal is an important part of the rug industry in the world and at the global level. rug appraisal in museum-level or rug appraisal for the purpose of asset distribution or insurance company to ensure the rug or find out the salvage value. or even if you want to make sure you are paying the right price for the vintage rug or hand made rug or Persian rug it must be appraised or evaluated . or even if you want to understand your vintage rug value to make sure your million-dollar rug which looks old and dingy you get the right price for it and not to be taken for it. I remember that a customer a few years back came to me saying that she throws her rug great grand mother’s rug due to a dog accident.? when I asked for a picture I saw a very old special rug that worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. so we immediately closed the store and followed the track of the trash truck
I remember w spent about 6 hours searching for the rug in the midst of all dirt. finally, we retrieved the rug and the owner paid 36000 $ to clean an extensive restoration process and has refused to sell it for half a million dollars. so appraising your rugs is a key element to understand the value of your asset and your rugs. to appraise the origin, age, type of the weave, material workmanship, and design and size matter. the older it is the expensive it is. fine rugs appraise more than others.

rug appraisal