Professional Rug Appraisal

The rug industry around the world and on a global scale is heavily dependent upon rug appraisal. An appraisal of a rug for museum purposes or an insurance appraisal demonstrates the value of the rug to the company. In order to make sure you are paying the right price for the vintage rug or hand-made rug or Persian rug, it must be appraised or evaluated. Even if you just want to determine the vintage rug value to ensure that your million-dollar rug, which looks old and dingy, gets the right price and isn’t overvalued. Some years back, a customer came to me and said she had thrown her great-grandmother’s rug due to a dog accident. After asking for a picture, I found a very old, expensive rug that was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. We immediately closed the store and tracked the trash truck.

It took us about six hours to find the rug in all the dirt. The owner has refused to sell it for a half-million-dollar price even after paying 36,000 $ to clean and restore the rug. Appraising your rugs is therefore crucial to understanding the value of your assets. It is essential to assess a design and size as well as the origin, age, weave type, and workmanship of the material. A fine rug appraises more when it is older. Older rugs are more expensive.

rug appraisal