Shopping For a Handmade Rug

handmade rug

Shopping For a Handmade Rug

When looking for an ideal handmade rug, you will find yourself torn between several designs, styles and colors. If you choose to purchase a hand-knotted rug then you will have to ensure that the knots used are made by an expert. These handmade rugs will give you the distinct advantage of having knots which are perfectly done and in sync with each other. The best handmade rugs on the market are generally made from cotton or silk with a minimum of knots. You can also buy a handmade rug, which is a mixture of silk and cotton with more knots in it.

Many handmade rugs that are made in Western Europe such as Italy and Belgium are made using a simple machine. However, authentic handmade rugs made in these countries are generally made using several techniques. The first method is known as loose weaving. This is when the weft threads which are attached to the base threads, are all loosely tied together. The second method is known as grosgrain weaving which is when weft threads are tightly pulled. The third technique is called basket weave and is characterized by the foundation threads which are of a woven basket design.

The four major types of handmade rugs based on their base materials are cotton, silk, wool and jute. A handmade rug is made from either of these materials. Most of them are woven on looms and take between two to five days to complete the process. A handmade rug can be made from any of the four base materials mentioned above. However, it is best to check the market for the prices before making the purchase. You may also find that you can buy a very good quality rug for a fraction of the price that you would get it in another place.

It is best to avoid buying rugs with uneven color changes or spots as they may stain easily. Check the texture and fabric of the handmade rug before you decide to buy it. It must feel soft to touch and have no creases in it. Rugs which do not have any color changes are known as true rugs and if there are any color changes they are not part of the rug as they are patched. It is better to choose a rug with no color changes when you intend to resell it or use it as a gift.

If you buy a wool area rug, you should check its construction as well as how thick and wide it is. New rugs should have a good density level as they need to withstand wear and tear. Thicker area rugs will last longer and you will also be able to lift them and move them around without stretching too much. An area rug can also be moved to different areas as and when required. Buying a new rug periodically is a good idea so that the color changes do not become apparent and the texture of the handmade rug does not change over time.

If you plan to resell your handmade rugs, you should check if they come with any coloring, pattern or design and if the color has stayed consistent all through the generations. You should be able to identify dyed area rugs from normal ones as they often have dyed edges, knots and stains on the edges. The best quality handmade rugs will have no visible seams and should come with a protective backing. Most home owners do not take much effort in cleaning an Oriental rug as the material is so soft and a natural stain resistance makes it ideal for daily use.