Oriental Rug Repair Tips For Those Who Are Unaware Of The Need

oriental rug repair

Oriental Rug Repair Tips For Those Who Are Unaware Of The Need

Oriental rug repair and care are an art form that few understand. It takes an obsessive dedication to Oriental rug maintenance and upkeep to appreciate its true beauty. Every missing or loose weave is professionally replenished by meticulous attention to high-end detail. Oriental rug repair and care experts are expertly skilled in each material and style available in commercially produced oriental rugs, whether they are made from silk, wool, jute, or synthetic fibers. Whether you’ve considered rug repair for your Persian or Oriental rug, chances are your carpet holds lots of value, either for sentimental reasons or as an investment…

Oriental rug repair is usually performed on larger rugs, such as floor coverings, couch covers, and outdoor furniture. Most Oriental rug repair is done on the lower quality or older less expensive carpets. High quality or hand woven oriental rugs require a different technique and higher price. Often hand-made or antique Oriental rugs cannot easily be repaired due to the fine detail and quality of the weaves. But if your rug has a recognizable design or is valuable as an antique, consider some of these quick and easy fixes:

– Oriental rug restoration is also known as patchwork, pinning, or stretcher work, and is the application of decorative cloths to an existing piece of fabric, most often an oriental rug. Oriental and Persian handmade rugs are most often repaired through patchworks that fuse together different fabrics, utilizing one main color for the border plus a secondary color for the edge or edges. In other words, this Oriental rug restoration service would use one color for the base or backing and another for the decorative area. Some services include stitching, weaving, or braiding. Sometimes the fabric is hand painted with motifs or designs as well.

– Many companies offer oriental rug repair or cleaning services for antique, family heirlooms, and period pieces. In many cases, you may be able to purchase antique oriental rugs at an antique mall, garage sale, or estate sale. If the carpet is beyond repair, you may be able to restore it yourself using commercially available products and techniques. Oriental rug restoration methods include steam cleaning, extraction and repair, heat treatment, and dye sublimation. Oriental rug repair usually takes between three days and a week to complete.

– Oriental rug restoration includes repairing any areas that are loose, ripped, stained, dirty, or damaged. Typically, all damaged or stained areas should be resealed. After the rug has been repaired, a fresh border can be applied and the decorative area can be worked on, or the area can be left in its current condition. The cleaned and repaired area will then be passed on to the next client. Oriental rug restoration is not recommended for those who are allergic to chemicals or have allergies to fabric.

Oriental rug repair is often performed by professionals because it requires skilled skill and knowledge in order to successfully complete the task. The process of unraveling an antique rug can take up to two days. If you do not want to spend that much time unraveling your antique rugs, then it is suggested that you purchase a machine that can easily unravel all types of oriental rugs so that you don’t have to. Oriental rug repair can be completed quickly and easily when you have the correct equipment.