Knotted Rugs Are Handmade But Are Still Popular

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Knotted Rugs Are Handmade But Are Still Popular

Hand-knotted rugs, also known as hand-tufted rugs, are a unique handmade rug that’s woven entirely by hand on a specially designed loom. Hand-tied or hand-knotted rugs can be made from many materials such as wool, cotton, silk and synthetic fibers such as nylon. The cost and quality of a hand-knotted rug greatly depend on the number of knots per inch. In that instance, a high density usually means much better quality than a lower density. Hand-tufted or hand-knotted rugs can also be made to order and that will mean the artistry of an expert hand is utilized.

To create a hand-knotted rug you’ll need at minimum a loom with a single continuous loop. This loom can be made of several different materials including metal like brass, ceramic or wood, but most often is a flat bamboo stick. After you cut the bamboo into the required length, wrap it tightly around the loom with the inside of the stick as the outside. A piece of silk, cotton or wool batting can then be placed over the yarn looping to hold the rug together. The silk should be held in place by several strong braids or strands of fiber.

Once the rug is assembled, the next step is to create the fringe. The best way to do this is to make a series of small slits along the perimeter of the rug where you plan to sew the yarn through. Once you have located these areas, gently interior the yarn in each slit until you achieve the desired look. The hand-knotted rug will benefit from the use of a heavy interfacing backing which helps the fibers bind together tightly.

Most hand-knotted rugs use an alpaca fiber that has natural wavings. You can soften these savings by using a dampened wool wash cloth and a soft bristled brush to clean them. This can be accomplished by hand or by machine. Once the wavings are soft enough, they can be used to create the fringe which will serve as the lining on the inside of your rugs. Typically hand-tufted rugs use one inch of fringe, while a three-inch fringe is quite common for a hand-knotted rug. The most commonly used three-inch fringe is created from a single strand of alpaca hair.

The cost of rug hand-knotted depends greatly on the materials used. These rugs tend to be more expensive than one might think. Fortunately there are many talented artists in the world who create these rugs with their own hands. In addition, there are many artisans who will take the time to create a custom order for a customer so that he or she receives the perfect hand-knotted rug.

If you would like to purchase an inexpensive hand-knotted rug, it is possible to find one online. Often the price of a hand-knotted rug will be a fraction of the cost of an in store handmade rug. Many rug retailers will have a selection of quality tufted rugs to choose from. If you’re looking for a unique decorative touch for your home, consider purchasing a hand-knotted rug for your next occasion.