Common Types Of Area Rug Repair Cost

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Common Types Of Area Rug Repair Cost

Rug repair is often necessary when a certain level of sophistication is required in interior design. Interior designers are well aware of how important it is to have your interior decorating theme remain intact through the years. Of course, some people like to change things regularly and may not need extensive care beyond occasional cleaning. In such cases, rug repair is often unnecessary as the color and texture of your rug will remain intact.

If you own an oriental area rug repair can often be done at a reasonable cost. This is especially true if the rug is an antique or otherwise delicate type. However, taking your rug to an expert rug repair specialist is typically the wisest choice when you plan to maintain your rug for future generation. You will want to be aware of the proper procedure and whether or not it is truly necessary before deciding on taking your rug to a specialist.

First and foremost, prior to having any area rug repair done, find out what the cost would be. In many cases the cost of repairing your rug will be considerably more than purchasing a new one. Also, be sure to get estimates from several rug repair companies prior to making a final decision. There is nothing worse than having a rug repaired but having it done at a much higher price than necessary. It is important to compare costs and choose a company with a reasonable estimate.

The common repairs performed by rug repair specialists include repairs of frayed edges, discolored areas, stains, mold growth, fringes, wear, torn edges, and fraying fibers. As with all types of restorations, the techniques used are not the same for every company and the process may not be the same. Ask for a quote specifying what you can expect prior to beginning work and inquire about what specific techniques the company uses.

Some of the most common rug repair techniques include steam and solvent extraction, ironing, knotting, flaring, seam repairing, stapling, removal of fringes, shrinkage, repair of tears, tackiness, and stretching. Many carpentry stores offer services that include steam and solvent extraction. Steam is often the preferred method as it is gentle and less damaging than solvent extraction. However, some carpentry shops do not perform steam or solvent extraction unless the wool has been damaged. If you choose to have your wool rugs steamed, ask if this technique will permanently damage the material.

One of the most common types of area rug repairs are those that involve fringes and bind areas. Typically, rug repair artists use heat to help flatten the indentations in these areas. In addition, they will sometimes use dowels or rubber scrapers to pull the fringes out of the rug. Most of these techniques are quite successful, but depending on the severity of the damage, some of these techniques may need to be repeated.