How to Spot Oriental Rug Restoration Services in Your Area

Persian rug repair

How to Spot Oriental Rug Restoration Services in Your Area?

The mission statement of Oriental Rug Repair and Restoration says it all! “We specialize in the careful restoration, repair, preservation, and care of hand-knotted and handmade oriental rugs and handmade kilim. We offer an extensive assortment of services to treat Oriental rags, such as rug repair, rug restoration, and rug drying. We also provide rug drying services for Oriental rugs, particularly damaged rags from flood damage, moths, or pet damage.”

Oriental Rugs: “The Oriental rug is woven from wool fibers which are extremely strong and durable. They have many years of an extraordinary life, so many years of being well maintained are crucial for this type of floor covering. Rugs should be cleaned regularly using a professional rug cleaner or, if possible, by a family member. If your rug is heavily soiled, it may be necessary to seek professional assistance to remove the soil and restore the texture to its original condition.

The most common way of repairing an oriental rug is through the use of modern steam cleaning technology. In addition to using a carpet cleaner, one must use a steamer specially designed for oriental rugs to properly remove the soil and restore its texture, color, sheen, and beauty. One should not use a regular carpet steam cleaner on an intricately woven Persian rug since the fibers will be destroyed.

Fuzzy and Distorted Fretting fringe: “Fuzzy and distorted worrying fringes occur when a piece of the oriental carpet becomes damaged. Once damaged, the individual threads tend to curl up and become separated from each other. These separate threads may become frayed and break, making them resemble strands of yarn that have been tightly pulled. In addition, when these loose threads are pulled, they also tend to curl upwards, creating a curled pattern on the affected area. To repair the frayed fringe, a new piece of frayed fringe must be woven in place of the damaged one.”

Oriental Rugs: “Oriental rugs are made from materials such as silk and cotton. While these materials provide good insulating qualities, they also require special care to maintain their appearance. Some stains, such as dirt and dust, may be difficult to remove without professional assistance. In the case of antique Persian rugs, antique dealers may repair your rug quickly.”

The Persian rug restoration services in the area by contacting the rug store. Since you now know what to look for, you can feel confident that you will be hiring a reputable company to perform the repairs on your oriental rugs. The process is easy and inexpensive. You can take care of your beautiful Persian rags without having to worry about the future of your precious investment. Please don’t waste another day to have it professionally repaired.