What You Should Know About Oriental Rug Repair

oriental rug repair

What You Should Know About Oriental Rug Repair

Are you looking to purchase or repair an oriental rug? Do you think that the damage might be due to a simple tear or cut? Do you have some knowledge about rug repair techniques? You will need to be familiar with at least the basics of rug repair before you are able to repair any type of oriental rug.

Area Rug Repairs Oriental rug repair costs vary according to the type of damage inflicted on the rug and the type of material used to make the carpet. Did your oriental carpet tear apart your favorite floor covering? Do not panic!

If you find that the carpet is made of wool, it is very likely that the damage is due to a fault in the weaving of the threads. In this case, you will need to either buy new carpets, or learn how to weave wool with care. There are also several different types of materials that are used in the making of oriental rugs. These include jute, silk, cotton, sisal and ramshorn.

Water Damage An oriental rug can become damaged by various things such as human error, water or heat. One of the main reasons for damage to the rug is from moisture seeping into the base of the carpet through the foundation. As the water dries out the wool, mold and mildew can form which is known as ‘mithai’ or ‘mitha’. In addition to damaging the base, it can also damage the foundation and cause further problems as the area becomes wet and slimy.

Dye Damage Certain dyes used in some styles and colors can fade over time and this can occur if the rug has been stored in an environment where there is very low humidity. In order to restore your rug, it is important that it has been washed thoroughly using products which are specifically designed to clean wool. Wool needs to be bleached before it can be repaired and restored. Bleaching can also help remove any stains that may have occurred on the rug as well as helping to restore its original shade.

Oriental rugs are very delicate works of art and will require very special care during the restoration process. It is best to seek the advice of professionals who are experienced in Oriental rug repair. They will be able to advise you on what steps should be taken as well as offering practical advice. Not all restoration jobs are successful and many times people end up making costly mistakes when trying to restore their rugs. By hiring a professional restoration company you can ensure that you get a good job done, which is worth the effort.