Rug Repair Can Protect Your Oriental Or Persian Rug From Further Damage

Area rug repair is a simple polyester woven tape, usually machine-sewn onto the backing, edges or all over a carpet or rug, safeguarding it from pulling or unraveling at the edges. To most people, area rugs look no different than any other rug or carpet, but to a trained eye, it can be quite the opposite. When an area rug is affected by water, it can be very difficult to identify the damage without a good examination of the rug by an expert. As well, repairing areas of damage requires more attention than one may think, as it will probably also require repairs around the edges of the rug. It’s important to be able to identify the problem before you have any children or pets in the house and potentially cause more damage.

rug repair

Rug repair is similar to carpet cleaning in the way that both need to be taken care of and maintained. The most common types of rug repair include cutting out large areas of the rug and replacing them with new ones, tucking, or stitching together areas that have come apart, knotting, or sagging. Rugs that have been cut are often given a new life through films. Kilims are very thin strips of material (usually just over four feet long) that are woven together to make a rug that looks just like it is new again. A good pair of professional films can last for years and help maintain a rug that was once worn down by children and weather.

Some people may want to attempt to restore an old rug that has become damaged through age or bad handling, but most often, it is easier to buy a new rug that mimics the beauty of the original. Purchasing an identical rug from another source is an excellent option if you have some knowledge of Oriental or Persian rug styles. Often times, a retailer that specializes in Oriental rugs will be able to provide the best quality and style of rug in your price range. In order to ensure that the new rug is of the highest quality, many consumers choose to buy Oriental or Persian rugs that are already cleaned and ready to go so that they do not have to spend time restoring the rug to its original beauty.

If you purchase a rug repair, whether it be an Oriental or Persian rug, you can also preserve it by applying some basic household remedies. One way to clean your rugs without damaging them is to use a soft brush to gently brush the outer edges and corners of the rug. Applying a cleaning solution or using a commercial rug cleaner may damage the rug beyond repair. If you find that your rug repair is beyond a moderate stage of repair, then it is probably beyond a simple cloth patch job either.

Some consumers elect to hire professionals when it comes to rug repair or rug restoration. Hiring professionals to restore rugs is a very wise decision if you are unsure about what you are doing or if you are unsure about how to restore the rug to its original beauty. Typically, rug restoration professionals charge by the hour but there are some who work for less or a flat fee depending on the work that needs to be done. If you choose the flat fee option, be sure to read all of the materials that the company requires you to hand deliver or send to them for cleaning before you hand them over the cash.

Rug restoration is not always an easy task but it is often one that can be completed successfully by a trained professional. When it comes to Oriental or Persian rugs, it is especially important to make sure that they are cleaned and maintained properly by people who know how to effectively and efficiently repair any damaged fringe or moths that may occur. Rug repair can often prevent further damage to the rug and preserve it for much longer than normal rug cleaning procedures.