Dog stain cleaning dog accidents removal

Dog stain cleaning dog accidents removal
Rugs design gallery is only company in U.S. to be able to remove your dog stain from your valuable Persian or oriental rugs no matter how old the stain is or how big or how bad is the stain.
In theory dog stain has 3 affects
One is the substance with with our cleaning we get rid of the urine.
Second it is the smell that again we our professional cleaning we get rid of the smell as well.
Third and the most important affects is discoloration of rugs affected by the urine.since the urine is acid after the dog accidents the area of rugs exposed to the urine would be burned and chemically affected by the urine and most of the time turning to yellow
Rug Design Gallery has unique formulas to introduce to the each rug
To neutralize the chemical effect of urine on the rugs.
So consequently if we touch your rugs for cleaning you would see the magical touch and tour rug is back with nothing to be seen and completely cleaned